11 Legit Ways To Earn Money For Teens

ByThelma D. Griggs

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dog walking

If you’re a teen wanting to make money, you’ve stumbled upon the right piece! You’re at the point of your life where you want to earn on your own to afford to buy the things you want. Most probably, you used to get an allowance as a youngster for assisting your parents with chores, be it going to the store or taking out the trash. If that’s the case, then you already have an experience; you already know the feeling of what it’s like to make money. But don’t beat yourself up if you’ve never made even a few coins in your life. It’s fine! Now’s the right time to start learning and earning, and you’ll get help here.

It’s quite hard to ask your parents for cash as a teen. However, on the other hand, you have needs of your own. You have some necessary expenses to pay for, for instance, entertainment, clothing, and activities you wish to undertake. Perhaps you want to save up for your first car or education or pay for your rental apartment.

Without further ado, read about how you can generate money as a teen with a side hustle.

1. Start A Blog.

Writing a blog can be an enjoyable means to earn money as a teen. That is because you have the freedom to write about anything that excites you on your blog. Blogging isn’t a piece of old tackie, but it’s fun considering it’s a non-technical work-from-home profession that can yield good results in the long run if you’re patient. It might take quite some time for your blog posts to generate any proceeds; however, once the money starts streaming in, it may well be a money-spinning source.

Google Adsense advertising and affiliate marketing are two exceptional methods of earning money. To start, ensure you have access to a good internet connection and a few domain names to pick out for your blog. You only need to buy one for advertising drives and be conversant with digital platforms. To grow your target audience, gear up to create new material recurrently.

2. Consider A Call Center Representative Position.

With the Coronavirus disease still a threat globally, many organizations are recruiting people to work remotely as call center agents. Call center agents perform duties such as planning meetings, answering customer service queries, and handling commodity information queries. Some organizations that employ call center agents demand that candidates be at least 18 years old.

Organizations that require the services of call center agents provide the necessary training to their teams. Due to the pandemic, most call center companies conduct their training online using video conferencing platforms and an online service handbook sent to your email. The service handbook contains more information about the organization’s services and commodities. This job can be an excellent method for making money if you find it fulfilling to help and address the concerns of others.

3. Online Surveys.

If you spend excessive time browsing the internet, why not spend it answering online surveys and earn money instead? Paid online surveys are perhaps the easiest method for teenagers to make money. A site such as Swagbucks is very famous; first, it’s legit, and it rewards you for taking part in completing surveys, viewing videos, shopping, and other interesting stuff. Other best survey sites comprise survey junkie, lifepoints, mysoapbox, vindale research, rewardia, inbox dollars, etc. You’re only allowed to take a specific number of surveys every month on each site. You also have to note that some of these survey sites might not be available in your country. So, choose the one where you can participate and earn.

4. Accumulate And Resell Golf Balls.

If you can collect enough golf balls, you can resell them and earn some money. This method is pretty simple; if you live close to a golf course, you can try to find golf balls that have been abandoned mainly within the outside surroundings of the golf course. You can also approach the golf course manager and seek consent to search the golf fields after everyone has left. After collecting enough balls, clean them thoroughly and sell them. As long as you’re on public land, you can stand at the golf club entrance and sell them.

Another alternative of how you can earn money through this method is approaching the people you know who play golf. Some of them would love to purchase cheap golf balls from you. It’s essential to note that reselling your golf balls will be easy if they’re in good shape. Balls that appear to have seen better days will be more challenging to sell. People usually charge around 10% of the retail price when selling used items. Therefore, if your good old golf friends buy at USD$70.00, try reselling at USD$7.00 each. You might not be the only one with such an idea. If that’s the case, you can reduce the price lower than your competitors. That way, you can sell your products quickly.  

5. Maximize Snapchat.

If you’re a teen, the chances are that you’re familiar with Snapchat. So, you’re probably aware that folks earn money from Snapchat. You might have even acquired an item based on a snap that you saw. So why not put this app to good use and earn some serious cash? After all, it’s occupying space on your smartphone. With over 200 million regular users, there’s certainly someone willing to splash their money on something you’re marketing.

6. Be A Camp Counselor This Summer.

The summer season is coming up, and what better way to earn money than being a camp counselor; it’s the perfect summer job. If you went to a summer camp as a child or know of one coming up in your region, consider registering to be a counselor. Most of these summer camps value and look for respectable, hardworking, and active mentors for their vacationers, especially the kids. It will keep you busy, but it’s also a fantastic technique to earn money! Additionally, you’ll get the chance to network with other people and take part in playing games and other exciting activities. Isn’t it incredible?  

7. Take Down Christmas Trees At A Fee.

Christmas is a time for fellowship, feast, giving, and receiving. It’s a time of joy, and erecting Christmas trees adds to the excitement of Christmas. However, the challenge comes when pulling down the Christmas trees. There’s no excitement in pulling them down; suddenly, it becomes an overwhelming task. But this is the chance for you to make some cash. When the holidays are around the corner, post leaflets within your area or leave them on people’s entrances proposing to pull down the Christmas trees for a charge, for instance, USD$40. Even though this is not a full-time or part-time job, it’s no surprise to get offers from close to 50 individuals who want you to pull down their Christmas trees. It might not seem much but imagine what you can do with USD$2,000 as a teenager.  

8. Start A YouTube Channel.

Today, many young YouTubers are making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month exclusively from YouTube ads. Average YouTube channel nets between USD$1 and USD$20 for every one thousand views you get; therefore, you can make lots of cash if you have a massive collection of worthwhile videos. The best thing about a YouTube channel is that even a 13-year-old can start one and start earning; you can still hop on the money bus. Get started. The earlier, the better. Note that growing a YouTube channel isn’t a five-finger exercise; however, you’ll sit and watch your money grow if you post new and exciting videos often and try various kinds of videos. Awesome right?  

9. Work Part-time At A Restaurant.

If you’re on the hunt for a way to get cash as a teen, fast food eateries and sit-down cafeterias are always on the lookout for extra hands. For instance, many restaurants are looking for youngsters to manage the till or the hostess table. You’ll find restaurants looking for other positions like cooks, busboys, and waiters/waitresses. You might earn minimum wage, and there’s also the chance to receive tips. Moreover, you’ll build your CV and at the same time earn money. Additionally, you won’t have expenses on food since many restaurants provide free food for their team.  

10. Run Errands.

Today, busy adults and families would willingly or eagerly take the chance to hire teenagers to perform their chores. They can, for instance, send you to the supermarket to buy some food or to the pharmacy for a prescription. Additionally, you can be asked to deliver or collect dry cleaning or rush to the post office to dispatch or send a package. One strategy will help you maximize your errand-running wages. Consider working in regions where many houses and flats are close to shops and malls. You’ll save time and earn more.

11. Walk Dogs.

If you have a way with dogs, dog walking can be a great chance to generate some extra money while getting an opportunity to exercise. Try to get your first client from somebody you already know. They could be your friend or your neighbor who has a dog. Afterward, you can put up posters advertising your dog walking services within your area after getting more experience.

Final Thought.

If you’re now reading this last bit, you’ve accomplished the easiest part; learning how to generate money as a teen. Now it’s up to you to take action and start earning some money. You’re still young, which means plenty of chances to try new and different things. Perhaps, there’s something on this list that you formerly thought you would feel contempt or a deep aversion for. Or you might be excellent at something you believed you’d be poor at. So, what are you holding out for?


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