May 20, 2022·8 min read

We’ve compiled the top requirements you should consider when evaluating an online video platform, plus a free downloadable template to help you through the process of writing a requirements document.

Chances are your organization is creating and sharing more video content than ever before and your video library is growing. With that growth comes the need to organize, track, and measure your video investments’ effectiveness, which means the time has come to evaluate an online video platform built for business.

You understand the importance of video, but it can be tough to decide what solution is right for you and ALL your company’s needs.

There are some essential factors to keep in mind when evaluating an online video platform. And that’s why we’ve built this guide to help you in your research efforts.

  1. Contents
  2. 1. How to Use an Online Video Platform
  3. 1.1 Video Marketing
  4. 1.2 Video for Sales
  5. 1.3 Video for Customer Support
  6. 1.4 Corporate Communications
  7. 2. How to Find the Best Video Platform
  8. 2.1 Identify What You Need from an Online Video Platform
  9. 2.1.1 A Tool to Help You
  10. 2.1.2 M is for Manage
  11. 2.1.3 P is for Publish
  12. 2.1.4 O is for Optimize
  13. 2.1.5 T is for Track
  14. 3. How to Write a Requirements Document
  15. 3.1 Requirements Document Template
  16. 3.2 What to Include in a Requirements Document
  17. 3.2.1 Project Overview
  18. 3.2.2 Required Use Cases
  19. 3.2.3 Needs/Evaluation Criteria and Checkbox
  20. 3.2.4 Current Issues or Barriers
  21. 4. Go Forth and Evaluate

How to Use an Online Video Platform

The first step in finding the right online video platform for you is to determine your needs as a company. Are you looking to help marketing with video management and data collection? Are you searching for a platform that allows your sales team to create and share personalized video messages or network at virtual events? Is your corporate communications team looking for a way to modernize their leadership messaging and amplify their employee engagement strategy?

Consider whether you’re able to utilize a free video hosting platform to check off those boxes or if your organization needs an enterprise video platform. If you’re in the financial services industry, chances are you’ll be bound by legal and security to use an enterprise video platform that allows for secure video sharing.

Whether it’s one or all of the above, by figuring out your use cases, you can then tailor your search to make sure whatever online video platform you use will tick all of the boxes.

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