Steel props are described to be reliable, economical and versatile. They are one of the most important equipment in the construction industry. Featuring a more innovative design, these tubular and adjustable steel pieces have revolutionised the market. Used for raking shores, for temporary support of formwork and for scaffolding, construction companies including contractors and workers are able to perform their job properly and safely.

For your construction business or building project, these props are then considered a very critical investment. The question however is should you rent or buy? Below are 3 key points to help you make the right choice.


Buying steel props guarantees that you have these materials whenever you need them. With renting, you have to wait around if the size that you need is unavailable. While you have the option to look for another supplier, waiting is not good for your business because this means loss of time and money.


You are guaranteed a good quality when you buy. This means that the props you have for the job are sturdy and durable. There is no need to worry about prop damages that may affect formwork or shoring. As compared to hiring, you are most likely to get tools that are not in good condition.


Renting equipment might be a cheaper option especially if they will be used in a onetime project. The challenge here is to find the right hire service provider. Be very careful when choosing props to rent as they may have been used for a long time now and that their capacity to hold support is no longer reliable. Accidents may happen due to poor framework support and construction process as well as your business will suffer. Instead of saving, you will incur more expenses when workers or materials are not safely protected. Safety in the workplace must still be your priority.

Buying steel props on the other hand may save you money in the long run. While these steel materials are not so cheap to buy, they are reusable. So if your business needs props most of the time, it is more practical to buy them in different sizes. Store them properly every after use so that everything is ready for the next project.

As an independent contractor or a growing company in the construction industry, you depend largely on the reliability and quality. When it comes to equipment, you need to make the right investment choices. For every building project, carefully consider if it is wise for you to keep renting or buying instead to save more in the long run.

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