What Is a Domain Name? Domains Explained for Beginners

Securing a Domain Name is the first step when creating and hosting a website. This unique name acts as your website’s digital address, making it crucial to handle correctly and avoid issues like domain cybersquatting.

If you want to buy Domain Hosting, you may have questions like why it is necessary and how to use it effectively. 

To provide clarity on Domain Name Management, we have prepared this beginner’s guide. It covers the basics and best practices, empowering you with the knowledge to establish a solid online brand. 

By following this guide, you can confidently navigate the world of Domain Name Management and set a solid foundation for your online presence.

What is Domain Name Management?

Domain Name Management is the process of overseeing and controlling a Domain Name or a portfolio of Domain Names. It involves tasks such as domain registration, renewal, DNS management, and overall administration of domain-related settings and configurations.

Domain Name Management: Key Takeaways

  1. It involves administering, controlling, and maintaining Domain Names.
  2. It includes tasks such as domain registration, renewal, DNS management, and security measures.
  3. Domain management tools and services can help streamline and automate domain-related tasks.
  4. Proper domain management ensures an uninterrupted online presence and protects against potential risks.

How to Manage Domain Names?

Steps to FollowExplanation
Registering a Domain NameChoose a Domain Name representing your brand or business and register it with a domain registrar.
DNS ManagementSet up and manage DNS settings to ensure proper routing of Domain Names to their associated IP addresses.
Renewing Domain NamesKeep track of domain expiration dates and renew them before expiration.
Transferring Domain NamesIf needed, transfer Domain Names between registrars or accounts.
Updating Domain InformationKeep domain contact information, nameservers, and other details up to date.
Managing SubdomainsCreate and manage subdomains for different sections or services of your website.
Monitoring Domain SecurityImplement security measures like SSL certificates to protect domain and website data.
Portfolio ManagementIf you have multiple Domain Names, use domain management tools to organise and track them efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Name Management

  • Q1: How to Contact a Domain Name Registrar in NZ?

To contact a Domain Name registrar in New Zealand (NZ), you can visit their website or use the contact information provided on their website. Each registrar may have different contact methods such as phone, email, or support ticket system.

  • Q2: Who Manages Domain Names?

Domain registrars manage Domain Names. These registrars are organisations or companies accredited by Domain Name registries to offer domain registration services to individuals and businesses.

  • Q3: Can I Manage My Own Domain Name?

Yes, you can manage your own Domain Name. If you are the owner of the domain, you have the ability to manage it through your chosen domain registrar.


Effective Domain Name Management is essential for a successful online presence. Your Domain Name is more than just an address; it’s the key to unlocking your online potential. Therefore, investing in proper Domain Name Management sets the foundation for building your brand and connecting with your audience.

Following these guidelines, choose a memorable Domain Name, protect your personal information, and ensure timely renewal. Further, you can utilise DNS management tools for easy updates and integration with other services.

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