Much is said of robots and software permeating the Forex market today. Adulation and praises abound for some of new and existing robots. Each of these products is vigorously competing for a share in the vast Forex trading business. Some would boast for an outstanding performance in the field although unsupported by historical facts and figures. Forex trading is an unlimited playing business, so vast that somewhere in the vicinity of $3 trillion global currencies are traded daily. In fact, much bigger than all bonds, stocks and future market trading in the world combined. Worldwide currency trading is extremely liquid and volatile, traded five days a week 24 hours daily. The playing field for a lot of Forex robots to play in is wide, yet in every game, cheating comes in handy.

In the trading market, unscrupulous individuals would just introduce an empty software and name it Forex robot. Bolstered by ample advertisements, presto! A new software with extraordinary features comes in. But out of the automated Forex market how many of these robots are designed with a true Forex trading strategy and experience? Or how many of these programs have built in strategy made by the designer/creator who actually knows how the Forex market works. More so, does the creator have a true and undisputed long term Forex trading experience? And will the software cover the “every single market condition” theory?

Certainly, some automated Forex traders performed fairly well initially over a period of time. And then, it would give all your profits away. The essence is: the market changed. Volatility changed. Market behavior is mercurial. Why? This is because over 90% of Forex Robots have been designed to cover a single market condition. With the Forex MegaDroid, it is the opposite – multi market condition. With 38 years combined trading experience of the creators this software, the design works extremely well in “every single market condition” approach. It is designed to adapt to the mercurial behavior of the market – the market that has a different “face” at different times. And, a robot that could not with that properly and accurately is not worth the time it takes to download it.

Forex MegaDroid performance is consistent within eight years of development with three high percentage figures average. In the year 2009, the initial deposit tripled up to its launching on March 30, 2009 and has increased to 1775.10% up to present. It is optimistic to break the 2000% barrier by year end. If this is the performance of Forex MegaDroid, could this robot be a hoax?

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