9 Benefits Of Being A Per Diem Nurse (PRN nurse) - Mother Nurse Love

Transitioning to a new role is something that nurses who often pick up PRN jobs go through. They pick up a shift or two to check it out first before they consider a job at a certain healthcare facility, or they just want more freedom and flexibility in their schedule and see if they can find enough work and how they like going to various facilities to work before they quit the position they are currently in. There are a ton of top per diem nursing jobs providers in Mississippi if you are interested in picking up per diem shifts around the area. So, what are the pros of being a per diem nurse in Mississippi?

Why Choose to Be a Per Diem Nurse?

  1. Per diem nursing jobs lead to full-time careers

Constraints of committing to a full-time job or a schedule a month out can be too much for various reasons:

  • You want to earn the highest possible salary
  • You are also balancing a family life or has young children
  • You want to pick up holidays and days with extra pay incentives
  • You have a very active schedule or social life
  • You don’t want to work holidays
  • You do not want to work on certain days
  • You have a schedule that is often subject to change

It is actually common for a lot of per diem nurses who would end up turning it into a

full-time career.

  1. Using nursing PRN jobs to try out a specialty or facility

You could always pick up PRN nursing jobs in a new location or new area of care as long as it is closely related to your experience and you feel confident to do so. Is there a hospital or healthcare facility that you have always wondered what it would be like to work at? This is the perfect chance to do so. Hospitals often feel fast-paced and are great environments for learning so setting influences the type of work experience and skills nurses gain. 

  1. PRN jobs bridge can launch a travel nursing career

The travel nursing field is something many nurses are interested in, and it is an exciting career path to go through, even those who have never worked a travel nursing job in their lives are interested in this. Nurses who are curious about taking travel assignments might start by working PRN first to dip their feet in the water because signing onto a 13-week standard travel nursing contract is a big commitment and one that requires careful planning and consideration.

Benefits of a Per Diem Nurse in Mississippi

  1. Higher pay than a career nurse

Because per diem nurses generally do not receive benefits and do not have set hours, they are usually paid more money per hour than regular staff.

  1. You can make your own nursing schedule

Flu season and summertime are only some of the times of the year when more nurses are needed to meet staffing needs. There are a lot of hospitals with increased staffing needs during the current COVID-19 and per diem nurses who are willing to be flexible and work in new facilities have the opportunity to work more often.

  1. Have the possibility to add one shift at the last minute

Per diem nurses can call the staffing office at another hospital to see if they have any nursing needs if they end up getting canceled to work at one hospital since some per diem nurses work at two different hospitals at the same time. Oftentimes, they do have an opening so you could work that day and not lose income.

  1. Per diem can decline shifts

Per diem nurses can choose to decline shifts if they do not jive with their schedule, unlike career nurses who often do not have complete control of their schedule. If you do not want to work nights, holidays, or weekends, then you usually would not have to.

  1. Opportunity to cross-train in different specialties

Per diem nurses could get new opportunities to cover many specialties because they often have additional learning and educational opportunities. Per diem nurses who are flexible and open to additional learning opportunities may find that they have more opportunities than ever to work.

There are many factors that you should consider when you plan on working as a per diem nurse and it may or may not be for everyone, but it always doesn’t hurt to try. You could work with a nurse staffing agency for more opportunities to come your way.