What is Financial Destination International?

FDI is a networking company that offers telecom services through networking. The timing is great, since the telecoms industry has exploded in recent years, prompting what industry insiders have called the ‘Telecom Wars’.

FDI recently partnered with GI Connect, an internationally known telecoms company, in an effort to expand their market in the four trillion dollar telecoms industry. This places FDI at an excellent position to provide better services at better prices.

This road has been taken before, but…

FDI is not exactly a pioneer in telecoms. Their business model has been used before. Those who have experience in networking have probably heard of similar opportunities in the past such as Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge Mobile. The sobering thought is that these efforts, while well-intentioned and boasting of good offerings, simply faded away. The question in many people’s minds is, will Financial Destination International lose its sparkle just as fast?

What FDI has going for them

The main challenge for other similar models of networking opportunities is surpassing the hype and actually delivering and sustaining its momentum. By the looks of it, FDI has made all the right moves in order to establish themselves as a force to reckon with. Start-up organizations have tried hard to at least grow roots but failed, perhaps owing to strong competition and insufficient use of technology.

With FDI’s partnership with GI Connect, they are harnessing not just the available technology that’s designed to compete with the big boys but also GI Connect’s experience in the industry of over 15 years. With cutting edge technology and years of experience on its side, FDI can very well solidify its presence as one of the best networking opportunities to appear in recent years.

Is this the right networking business for you?

FDI requires a one-time setup fee of $199 (minimum). This allows you to plug into the system and begin using their services. These include worldwide cellphone to cellphone calls without having to pay connection charges or long distance fees. Video conferences are unlimited and free of cost, allowing as many as 23 people to communicate simultaneously. These and a lot more are offered by FDI to those who sign up, prompting people to project as many as 1 million distributors in its first three years.

Does FDI sound like a good opportunity for you? If you want to take advantage of ground level opportunities such as this, take a look at what FDI International can offer and consider it carefully. Being in the know at the right time is often way more rewarding than simply waiting for a star to rise.

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