Realme 5 is an impressive smartphone from the Chinese manufacturing company, really. The Realme 5 pro comes with a lot of features that can help you do your work efficiently. This smartphone has a large display that is very bright and colorful. This phone has a high resolution of 401 pixels per inch.

Quick Panel or a Private Briefing Menu

realme 5 pro offers a Quick Panel or a Private Briefing Menu which allows you to get quick information without having to press on the privacy options in certain instances. You can even access your Google Maps from this phone. It has navigation buttons and a dialer, which allow you to easily search for the contact you need. Other features include the Realme Engine and the LiveArea Widget, which let you see the area where you live, at any time.

This phone has many advanced functionalities that make it stand out. There is the compass, GPS and some of the applications that you can download from the Play Store. The compass will help you find your way while on the go. The GPS feature will help you find directions if you get lost. Other features include Realme 5 for currency converter and the Alarm.

Dictation Software

The Realme five pro also features a built-in Dictation Software. This software helps you to write down your dictations. It also stores the dictations for you and displays them on the screen for your review later. The Realme Pro will allow you to share your dictations and can also be used as a recorder for meetings. This smartphone also integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel.

You can also import your files from your computer and share them with the Realme phone. This phone also provides a number of customizable features, which can be adjusted as per your needs. You can also connect to the internet for downloading applications and music. The Realme phone has a built-in infrared camera, which will allow you to see what’s on your video screen.

One of the unique features of this phone is its ability to speak to the person who is calling. If you are in a meeting and want to check out something important that is happening then you can simply press the microphone and talk to whoever is on the other line. The Realme five also comes with a number of other features including a large and easy to navigate screen, a Bluetooth connection, wireless connectivity, a built-in stylus, and a high quality speaker. You can also get a high definition camera with the Realme phone. This phone provides you with a number of different functionalities at an affordable price.