When we hear the word engagement, the thing that comes to our minds is diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are the number of choice when it comes to stones for engagement rings. However, due to different choices for women, other gemstones have started to be used and are gaining popularity as center stones for engagement rings. One of the gems that compete with diamonds is the sapphire. Customize sapphire engagement rings are now being offered by jewelers. The more personalized, the better. Let’s take a look at some differences between sapphire engagement rings vs diamond engagement rings. 


Which is more expensive, sapphire or diamond? Price advantages of diamond and sapphire rings depend on different factors such as sizes, color and others. For instance, colorless diamonds are the most expensive ones, while for sapphires the blue ones have the highest value. The color of both a diamond and sapphire can affect their cost. Diamonds that are clear and clean are expensive, just like sapphires that are pure and clear are more expensive too. of their carat cost, diamonds and sapphires are priced per carat.The cost of  a diamond per carat is more expensive than a sapphire. So, when it comes to opting for a more affordable one, sapphire could be a better choice. 


The color of the diamond affects its brilliance. The more colorless, the more brilliant. That’s why colorless diamonds are the most valued and hard to find. The good thing about diamonds being colorless, they can fit into any tone of skin of the wearer.  Sapphire, on the other hand, is made up of elements called corundum but other elements that give them their vivid colors. Blue sapphire consists of corundum that has traces of iron and titanium. The blue sapphire is the most expensive and the rarest. Sapphires can also be found in other shades, such as pink, purple, orange, green and black. So, if you are looking for something colorful, then a sapphire could be a better choice than a diamond.Some women prefer an engagement ring with their favorite color and this can be the best option. 


When it comes to settings, both stones can be flexible enough to match any setting, but the best options can be halo and solitaire. Since these settings can make the center stone stand out. When selecting shapes, cutting diamonds are very delicate while sapphire has the opposite features. Since inclusions in sapphires are less likely to be seen, cutting them into the shapes the clients desire is not a big thing. For the metals to be used, platinum and white gold can match both sapphire and diamond. A combination of platinum in a solitaire setting can make the stone more prominent. That’s why these two are preferred.


Both diamonds and sapphires are hard enough to last for a long time. Most engagement rings are worn every day, so durability is indeed important, especially if the wearer uses their hands a lot. Keeping their engagement ring from snags and all is sometimes hard, so giving something that won’t be easily damaged will be a good choice.  Hardness can be measured by Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Diamonds are rated at 10 while sapphires are at 9, so when it comes to hardness,  both stones are competitive. 

What Is Better Sapphire Or Diamond?

Different people have different choices, weighing which one is best between diamonds and sapphires can be hard. Although sapphires may be more affordable , there are still factors that should be considered. Knowing the preference of your partner can be a good way to determine if you will go for a diamond or for a sapphire.Both stones have their advantages and their own beauty. Set a lay-out based on your partner’s dream engagement ring, then from this you can start to choose which stone will really impress her the most. 

Choosing between sapphire engagement rings vs diamond engagement rings can be challenging. Learn more about them, and you will see what makes them better than others.However, take note that both can be good choices and are closely competitive when it comes to impressive your future bride. Look closer, and you can finally pinpoint which is best for her.