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Nowadays, it’s extremely popular for students to broaden their horizons and pursue further education abroad. Students typically start their school journeys at this time of year when they leave home.

So, if you’re anticipating the upcoming 2023 winter session, now is the time to compile a checklist before you go off. Making ensuring there is a safety net in the shape of international student travel insurance is one of the many regular preparations that must be made. Though some people think about buying the policy directly from the country of the trip, it is strongly advised to acquire student travel insurance from India because you will save a lot more money this way. What you need to know is as follows:

Why should I get an Indian student travel insurance policy? 

It is advantageous for students to purchase student travel insurance from India since it protects them financially from potential travel-related risks, both medical and non-medical, for the duration of their stay abroad. A bajaj allianz travel insurance covers defence against unforeseen hazards like lost luggage and laptops, flight delays, hospital costs, and other costs. The ability to significantly save money is the other justification. In comparison to buying it abroad, the policy would cost almost one-third less in India. 

What is covered: 

Travel security 

When travelling, problems like lost luggage or delayed flights are common. Therefore it is essential to prepare for them. As a result, online international travel insurance reimburses students for costs made on necessities in the event that their checked luggage is late. Additionally, it provides additional compensation for lost passports and the cost of getting or renewing a duplicate. 


The staying option provides a fee refund for a student who, after paying all or a portion of the current semester’s expenses, must return home due to a medical emergency. Additionally, it guards against compassionate visits, which pay for the student to see the family or for emergency travel costs for family members to the academy’s nation. 

Buying from the University vs Buying from India

There is a frequent discussion on whether to get student travel insurance directly from the university or through an Indian shore. The medical coverage offered, if purchased from the college, will typically be restricted to the university’s facilities, is the answer. Comparatively, buying before leaving the country would provide comprehensive protection because it combines travel and medical insurance. 

Furthermore, it guards against visits to neighbouring areas. For instance, if a student from the U.S. travelling to Mexico experiences a medical emergency, such as getting sick or getting hurt, the plan purchased from India may cover inpatient and outpatient care, X-rays, and another diagnostic testing. Some plans might even help with a return to India if it’s medically necessary. You must, however, request permission from the insurance company’s third-party administrator. 

If the insurance plan is bought from the university, this won’t be possible. Therefore, having a thorough individual policy by bajaj allianz travel insurance would ensure that such risks are covered while travelling locally or to another country. Aside from this, some policies provided by the institution can be more of a package deal and not meet all of your needs. Therefore, it is advised to conduct one’s own research, comparison, and evaluation prior to selecting a choice. 

In conclusion, a student travel insurance policy is a crucial line of defence for the thousands of Indian students who choose to continue their education in foreign colleges and universities. There are several benefits of travel insurance. They keep you financially secure and mentally carefree while travelling. However, as the policy offers geographic coverage, it should be purchased from India to save money that could otherwise be utilised to improve academic learning and explore adjacent places.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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