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UAE is the hub of cultural and financial advancements. Multiple Islamic banks in the UAE help to boost the financial economy of the UAE by accepting deposits, advancing loans, and providing multiple other financial options. From wealth management to the availability of cards, banks offer seamless transaction facilities to their customers. 

The UAE has multiple Islamic banks. Islamic banks are the type of financial intermediaries that function in accordance with the Shariah principles. These banks follow Islamic laws and do not allow the collection and payment of interest by lenders and investors. It also has a provision to share the profits. 

Top 4 Islamic banks 

Dive deep into the articles to check out the list of top banks in the UAE. Check out some of the leading Islamic banks in the list below: – 

1. ADCB Islamic Bank

With innovative banking solutions and options for mobile banking, internet banking, phone banking, and SMS banking, this Islamic bank in the UAE, is the perfect blend of tech-friendly financial solutions with convenient ways to access their premium services. 

2. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 

It provides a wide range of services and matches your personal, business, private and corporate needs. 

3. Sharjah Islamic Bank 

This Islamic bank in UAE was originally a traditional bank that converted into an Islamic bank and provides a group of full Islamic products and services that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. 

4. Dubai Islamic Bank 

It was inaugurated on 15 Sept 1975 by H.H. Shaikh Rashid. This Islamic bank in Dubai has served millions of customers and vouches for morality, equality, and transparency.

Why should ADCB be your priority? 

ADCB is the leading Islamic Bank in UAE that offers top-notch banking facilities and is the one-stop solution to all your financial needs. We provide the following premium services: – 

1. Accounts 

We offer you a plethora of account options to choose from to match your customized needs. Our accounts are made to match both your recurring and nonrecurring needs. 

2. Cards

We offer a wide range of debit and credit cards and one can enjoy a rewarding experience by using our cards. Our cards have the best offers and are great if you are a regular user because you earn points and offers on every transaction that can be used at a later date.  

3.  Loans 

We offer multiple loans to fulfil your dreams. From buying a dream abode to owning a home, we have loans catering to multiple requirements. Our loans are 

4. Touchpoints 

These are the reward points that you earn every time you spend with your debit or credit card or opt for a finance solution through ADCB. There are points even when you use our e-channels. 

5. Wealth management solutions 

We ensure solutions for efficient risk management with our managed funds, mutual funds, structured financial products, and home content insurance solutions.

Check out our website to know the detailed financial products and services that we offer to provide you with a seamless flow of financial transactions.

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