Imagine you have finally created a website with a domain. You completed the whole process of domain registration, selected the best website hosting for the perfect business infrastructure, and now you have a fully functional website for your business. Doesn’t that sound great?

But does it mean your job is over? No! So what is next? It is time to evaluate and study the website’s performance. How will you do that? With the help of a domain name authority.

So, what is a domain authority checker and how does it help to establish a stronger online presence? Let us understand it through this blog.

What Do You Mean By Domain Name Authority?

To make the most of the domain score check, understanding domain name authority is important.

Domain Authority is a score that Moz first came up with to understand how websites rank on the search engines as compared to their competitor. However, Google doesn’t use this parameter to rank your website on search engines. Confusing right? What does that mean? It means that Domain Authority won’t directly boost your web page rank on the Google search engine.

Even though Google doesn’t make use of this score, the domain authority score helps to give a better idea of how well your webpage is doing as compared to your competitor.

Furthermore, other tools like SEMrush have their own version of this score, which considers aspects like backlinks, referring domains, and search traffic to calculate it. Therefore, even if it is not an official parameter that Google looks at, keeping an eye on your webpage authority score can help you see your website’s position on the search engine.

What Does a Good Domain Name Authority Score Look Like?

Domain name authority is a score running from 1 to 100, where the more the score shows, the better the chance to rank on the search engine. The score considers the number and quality of links to a webpage. This means if a page gets links from highly authoritative sources, it tends to have a higher DA. 

Therefore, you must analyze your competitor’s strategy based on your and your competitor’s  web page ranking to determine a good domain authority for your business.

How is Domain Authority Different from Page Authority?

FeatureDomain AuthorityPage Authority
Scope Domain Authority score helps to understand how well a domain as a whole will rank in SERPs.Page Authority helps to understand how well a specific webpage will rank in SERPs.
Emphasis on On-Page SEODomain Authority puts emphasis on on-page SEO factors.Page Authority does not consider on-page SEO, such as keyword usage and content optimization.
What Does it Measure?The expected or predictive ranking strength of entire domain or sub-domainsThe expected or predictive ranking strength of a single-page

It is important to know that when measures are taken to increase both domain and page authority together, it provides comprehensive insights into both domain and page SEO.


Domain name authority score is not a day job, so don’t expect instant results. However, steps like removing low-quality backlinks and creating quality content can improve your web page visibility on search engines, leading to more traffic over time.