Entergy New Orleans Reaches Rooftop Solar Milestone

Solar as a source of energy has been common among people in New Orleans and New Orleans Residential Solar Services companies has been operating to be able to meet the demands 

solar panel home installation New Orleans of solar owners or even future solar owners. They continue to train their technicians to be more skillful, make their products more durable and uphold their companies reputation to be able to keep their clients and gain more. 

Services Offered by New Orleans Residential Solar Services 

Home Solar Installation

If you plan to shift to solar energy as your source of power then you can contact your solar panel providers to be able to have one at home. They would be willing to have your solar panel system installed the soonest possible time. Solar services companies number one service is solar installation although a process is done to be able to have one installed. It will not be long before you can have one. 

Steps in Solar Power Home Installation 


Inspection of the residence to be able to know the details of the solar panel system  needed for your home. They will also be checking your roof if they are durable enough to hold the panels they will be stunning. The roof is the best area to install solar panels since this is the first area where the sun strikes the most. So they have to do some inspection to know how to plan your solar panel system installation. 

Processing of Documents 

Documents such as permits will be needed to have your solar panel installed. Not to worry too much since your solar providers will be the one to process almost all the needed papers, all you need to do is provide the documents they will ask that are needed for your application of solar panel installation. 

Solar Installation 

In residential solar panel installation, technicians will be the one doing. Installation includes mounting materials for solar panels before the solar panels are installed, mounting should be secured first. Then wiring is done after which other components are assembled such as battery, inverter and others. 

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels need regular maintenance to make their durability longer.  Just like any other properties it needs cleaning and conditioning. Your solar panel providers can add to your contract upon installation on the annual cleaning schedule of your solar panel. This way you are sure that you won’t forget to have it maintained. Maintenance can be a good way of lengthening the life of your solar panels. During maintenance technicians make sure that all the components of your solar panel system are in good working condition and your panel is clean from elements. Keep your solar panel system in good condition and you can get longer benefits from it. 

Solar Panel Transfer

Did you know that you can move your solar panels system with your when you moved out? Yes, that’s right. You can avail the services of your solar provider to do the moving for you. They can uninstall your solar panel system and install it in your new home. You can discuss with your solar panel providers the process on how to transfer your solar panel, and they will be glad to assist you in any way. 

Solar Critter Guard Installation

Critters guard serves as protection for your solar panels from small animals or even from other elements. Solar panels need to be protected from cracks or chips to avoid it from getting further damage. Solar providers can install a critter guard for your solar panels. Protecting it can help you save from cost in repairing or replacing your solar panels, prevention is better than cure. 

New Orleans residential solar services companies are giving their best to be able to offer all the services needed by their present and even future clients. They are trying their best to choose high quality products to be able to install a good set of solar panel systems, in this way their clients will be able to get the best solar panel system. If you need any help for your solar panels don’t hesitate to contact your solar panel providers, so they can assist you with your needs. Some are even open for 24/7 to make sure that they can assist their clients anytime they need them.